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Curved Wood Creations – Kim Clark

Curved Wood Creations specialises in the use of round or curved (bent) timber frames to produce unusual and interesting designs, no matter the type of construction or project.

Many of Kim’s designs incorporate the use of both round wooden outside frames with curved wooden frames inside. The result is similar to looking through a stain glass window, door or panel without the stain glass, but clear glass instead.

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Robin Phillips Jewelry

Robin Phillips has a passion for designing and creating beautiful fine enamel, gold and silver jewelry

Robin Phillips designs and creates unique and exquisite fine enamel, gold and silver jewelry and cloisonne enamel pendants.

Cloisonne, Pendants, Enamel, Gold, Silver, Jewellery, Robin, Phillips,

Weaving Australia

Tapestries – Tapestry Designs – Weaving Australia: Brenda Goggs is a tapestry weaver living in Canberra, ACT Australia. Her work as a tapestry weaver focuses on ideas related to the Australian land and landscape and our place in it.

Tapestries tapestry designs Weaving Australia wall Brenda Goggs


Blenheim Gallery and Garden

On the outskirts of Longford, just 30 minutes from Launceston, Blenheim Gallery and Garden is a unique Tasmanian experience showcasing artist works in a country garden setting. With ten acres of gardens and stunning rural outlook, it is easy to spend an hour wandering the formal and park like grounds.

Blenheim Gallery and Garden will be open for four exhibitions per year and one additional one day event. We will host art and makers workshops in the building and will aim to have a schedule of events to suit a range of creative pursuits.

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